Benefits of Martial Arts

benefits_img“Fitness with a purpose”

Improves co-ordination, balance, reflexes and awareness. Also improves
self-confidence, self-esteem, concentration, focus and self-discipline.

Try a sport that’s fun, exciting and results in improving your physical and mental

Learn the Complete Martial Art HAPKIDO – “The Art of Co-ordinated Power”

And The Olympic Sport TAEKWONDO – “The Art of Hand and Foot Self-Defence”


Martial arts philosophy emphasises that people live in peace and harmony with each other, to have non aggressive attitudes, self control and respect for yourself and others, positive attitudes and to strive to achieve one’s best in life.

The martial arts are not about fighting, they are about living and in their most ideal form martial arts teach admirable human qualities that help practitioners in every aspect of their lives.

The martial arts are essentially avenues through which the adept can achieve spiritual serenity, mental tranquility and self confidence. They build character, encourage self discipline and teach courage when facing obstacles or adversity. They promote belief in ones self because as physical skills are acquired, self confidence is gained. With continued practice that confidence is manifested in everything the practitioner does.

The state of good health and psychological well-being acquired through martial arts training can be channeled into every day life to achieve career and personal goals. The spiritual side of martial arts is not religious. It is a state of mind that enables practitioners to overcome emotional blocks, fear and anxiety. Attitude is a state of mind and is developed by self discipline.

A May 1985 scientific study published in Psychology Today Magazine confirmed the intangible benefits of martial arts. The study found that people who continue to practice martial arts for prolonged periods are different from the general population in the following ways: They have lower levels of anxiety, increased self esteem, are less likely to be radical, and are more socially intelligent. According to the study those traits were particularly prominent in those who attained the rank of Black Belt.

“Martial Arts Offers Something for Everyone!”

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